At the Zeng Research Lab, we are passionate about exploring the frontiers of synthetic two-dimensional (2D) polymeric materials. Our research interests are multifaceted and include:

Mechanistic Insights

Unveiling the underlying mechanisms of irreversible 2D polymerization to inform the design of novel materials.

Structural Design

Crafting new 2D polymeric structures with tailored properties for targeted applications.

Material Synthesis

Synthesizing state-of-the-art 2D materials using irreversible strategies to enhance their stability and performance.

Innovative Applications

Exploring and creating innovative applications for these advanced materials, leveraging their unique properties.

Our interdisciplinary approach combines synthetic chemistry, polymer science, materials science, and nanotechnology to enhance the fundamental understanding of 2D polymers and apply our insights to develop material solutions for practical applications.

Research details will be released after peer-reviewed publication.